Aged Care BUDDY Resources


We have developed this comprehensive range of resources in anticipation of the pending new government Guiding Principles for Medication Management which will include new Principles of ‘communication about medications’ and ‘person centred care/medication management’.  Aside from that, access for staff to relevant medication information resources to perform their assigned duties has of course always been an important component of a care provider’s Accreditation and Quality Framework requirements.
The ‘CONSUMER’ Buddy sheets are designed to support resident & families’ informed consent/informed decision making/dignity of risk regarding their therapies.
‘CARER’ Buddy sheets (nil attached in this QUM Priority Topic) are designed to empower medication competent carers to support safe and effective medication management.  These resources replace the Buddy Book publication I wrote and released to clients ~4 years ago.
CLINICIAN Buddy sheets are designed for use by GPs, nurses and (future) onsite embedded pharmacists and other allied health professionals.
I am working with each of the major Electronic Medication Management System and eNRMRC vendors and care platforms to link/integrate these resources within those systems for free access by Choice Aged Care clients.

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