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FREE Home Care Clinical Pharmacy Services

Clinical Pharmacy Services

Why are clinical pharmacy services for home care so important?

Supports compliance with the Single Quality Framework.
Streamline home care and residential clinical pharmacy services.
Positive health outcomes and service experience for the consumer.

…and it’s absolutely FREE for the provider and consumer!

FREE Inclusions

The Buddy Book Online for home care

A must-have online resource for providers employing medication competent carers

Designed specifically for the Australian home care and residential aged care sector.

Targeted uniquely to medication competent carers’ scope when assisting consumers with medications.

Integrated into Virtual Pharmacist CHRIS and pending integration with industry care software.

Diagnosis items (information and handy hints for associated client care).

Medication items (drug info and handy hints to support carers’ safe and effective input with medication duties).

Medication refresher training material supporting carers to maintain their competency.

Why is The Buddy Book a Must Have?

Medication management is high-risk and The Buddy is the only resource that assists the role of medication carers.
Supports compliance with the SQF (promotes safe and effective care and supports staff to perform their duties).
Appropriately empowers care staff within the consumer’s health team.

…and it’s absolutely FREE and accessible at the point of care!

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