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brain dementia services

Nationally Recognised Training via our RTO

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Residential Medication Management Review

  • Our RMMR service adapts to defined client directives and clinical priorities   (e.g. 3-monthly RMMRs for residents under chemical restraint).
  • A strong focus on clinical needs based RMMRs with resident focussed interventions and health outcomes.
  • RMMR intervention and outcome data is analysed and reported.
  • Streamlined RMMR visit scheduling allows site management to readily coordinate ad-on MAC meetings +/- QUM education.
  • Provide first and second follow up RMMRs.
  • Our RMMR reports also include a benchmarking summary of the resident’s Key Quality Indicators (e.g. polypharmacy burden); a Patient Drug Info Report; and a Diagnosis & Care Planning Report.
  • Reports are uploaded and readily accessible on our Clinical Dashboard portal.
  • Service accountability via reporting on various aspects of a site’s RMMR contract (e.g. ratio of RMMRs conducted per bed).
  • A highly collaborative approach with excellent GP RMMR referral and response rates.
  • On-site face to face education comprising of ‘QUM Handover Blasts’ and in-services.
  • A full suite of online CPD topics on clinical care, medication management and industry mandatory training via our TLC Hub eLearning platform (or uploaded free of charge onto your own in-house LMS).
  • The Clinical Dashboard cloud based portal provides ready access to a site’s RMMR and benchmarking reports, in addition to various QUM resources.
  • Free access to AusDI, a leading online drug information resource.
  • ‘Live’ medication management support with an online Clinical Chat feature.
  • Participation in site-based MACs and corporate level clinical governance and facility manager’s meetings.
  • Provision of medication advisory services, ranging from ‘as needed’ resident specific support to corporate level medication policy development and clinical governance input.
  • The nations largest Drug Use Evaluation and Benchmarking analysis helps identify the clinical priorities for our RMMR & QUM activities on a site by site basis.
  • Our Quarterly Quality Reports facilitate direct compliance with the new Quality Framework and responsiveness to data/procedure requests from Quality Commission auditors.
Our in-house RTO and online LMS training system, combined with a team of aged care specialist trainers provides a compelling offering for aged care facilities.
Mandatory Training
  • Supporting Consumers with Dementia
  • Infection Control
  • Manual Handling
  • Food Handling Safety and Hygiene
  • Workplace Health & Safety in direct client care
  • Workplace Bullying and Harassment
  • Elder Abuse
  • Fire Safety
Medication Competency Training
  • Medication Competency Refresher Training for Care Staff
  • Medication Refresher for RNs & ENs
  • Drug Calculations Competency
  • Remedial Retraining (7 topics specific to the medication incident)
Single Quality Framework
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship in Aged Care
  • Palliative Care in Aged Care
  • Recognising and managing an acutely unwell consumer
  • Supporting a Restraint Free Environment in Aged Care
  • Clinical Governance in Aged Care
  • Caring for culturally and linguistically diverse consumers
  • The Single Quality Framework
The home of Australia wide training to the aged care, community and disability sector.

QUM Handover Blasts

150 ‘toolbox’ sessions available for onsite delivery.


We have our own in-house RTO which provides nationally recognised training to our clients:


Our Benchmarking service delivers powerful continuous quality improvement data to service providers relating to clinical indicators and medication management. We have created Australia’s leading audit and benchmarking system (PPASS-3 Tool), freely available to aged care providers.

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