About Us

Welcome to Choice Aged Care

Choice Aged Care and its subsidiaries, including the RTO, are 100% owned and managed by Michael Bonner who is a clinical pharmacist. Our organisational structure promotes quality, consistency and professionalism across our varied operations.

Despite humble beginnings as a family based clinical pharmacy service provider in rural NSW, our company has grown to become Australia’s largest professional services provider to the aged care sector.

What we provide:
  • Choice Aged Care is a professional service provider to residential and community aged care providers encompassing ~35,000 care recipients.

  • As the only provider with >3000 contracted RMMR/QUM beds in each of Australia’s three most populous States, Choice Aged Care is the only viable option for larger multi-state aged care organisations.

  • Choice Aged Care is the only RMMR/QUM provider that owns and operates an RTO with nationally recognised training complementing the broader training strategy.

  • >5000 staff are currently using the TLC Hub online training platform.

  • Choice Aged Care has more recently provided Learning Management System software for client in-house purposes.

Our Mission Statement

Choice Aged Care is committed to offering services that promote a service provider’s delivery of quality care.

Mission 1:
Delivering a positive service experience for client care providers and their staff, via:
  • Promoting positive health outcomes for their care recipients through professional services.

  • A commitment to meeting evolving client needs via innovation and effective resourcing.

  • Collaboration and engagement with clients and key stakeholders.

  • Continuous quality and service improvements.

  • Rigorous risk mitigation and clinical governance structures.

  • Enhancing the skills and capabilities of carers and nurses via training and upskilling.

  • Providing streamlined, consolidated, consistent and universal/repeatable services.
Mission 2:
Mission 2: Promoting positive health outcomes for care recipients, via:
  • Delivering a positive experience for the care service provider and staff who look after the client.

  • Delivering professional services in accordance with person centred care.

  • Multidisciplinary services in collaboration with other health professionals.

  • Employment of high quality and aged care expert professionals.

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